Why the Law of Attraction Serves Us Badly in This Recession

The law of attraction is the belief that your thoughts manifest as your reality. Everything you have in your life has been attracted to you through your mind. Much has been written about this concept and it’s certainly no secret.

Virtually everyone in the U.S. believes in the law of attraction in some shape or form, though that form may be prayer (The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want) or positive sayings (Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better) or aspirational images (a photo of our dream house).

Our belief in this “law” may even be as simple as a practical observation that people prefer to interact with others who seem positive and that it is difficult to fake it convincingly for extended periods.

I believe life is meant to have challenges and some of these challenges are meant to be prolonged. Problems are intrinsic to life. Contracting a life-threatening disease or losing our job does not mean we have sent the wrong issue to the universe. And simply because we set an intention to recover fully or to get a new job by Tuesday does not mean we have failed in our relation to the universe if our intentions do not take shape on schedule.

I heartily dislike the law of attraction in its most extreme forms. While the belief that our thoughts control what happens to us is initially empowering, it soon evolves into self accusation and guilt if we cannot apply the law of attraction to solve our problems promptly.

Still unemployed? The law of attraction is always working, even if you aren’t. The universe has unlimited power to serve up what you attract and is not bound by such earthly illusions as economic cycles.

Hard data show that something is happening out there in terms of the economy, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. And acknowledgment is a major problem in a world where thoughts are the sole determinant of reality.

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