Why The Global Economy Is Come In For Worse And Not Better?

World Panic Day was March 9th and it was produced to recognized the stock market bottom attained at the end of the great slowdown. Panic Day is one of the informal holidays celebrated each year on March 9.  Mass panic is an existing public event that often results in injuries and even deaths. That is stressful situations people try to stay calm and take deep breaths to prevent panic. There are following supply and demand TNA stock or TNA stock news at https://www.webull.com/quote/nysearca-tna :

Supply and Demand

  • NYSE Arca TNA Companies are asking employees to work from home for their safety where possible the following:
  • Alphabet google now has thousands of employees working from home in multiple locations.
  • Amazon also has thousands of employees now working from home in multiple locations.
  • Facebook Bay Area employees working from home.
  • The gap closed its headquarters in NYC after learning that a worker was confirmed with WuFlu.
  • Microsoft confirmed that two employees in the Puget Sound area which includes its HQ have a CV. They won’t be working from home soon if not already.
  • Major events are being canceled such as conferences, concerts, sporting events, festivals, and conventions. Some examples are the following:
  • South by Southwest or SXSW has had numerous companies cancel including MSFT, Twitter, AMZN, FB, Apple, Netflix and Intel among others.
  • Concerts around the world by dozens of performing artists including Maria Carey, Queen, and Madonna that are being canceled or postponed.
  • Facebook has canceled its F8 developer’s conference in May.
  • Game Developers Conference was canceled after Microsoft and Electronic Arts announced they would not be attending.
  • Airlines are canceling more flights, not just to/from China. Cruise lines are canceling some cruises with more to come.
  • It is the fear of what could happen that is causing companies to take drastic measures and that fear is spreading. The CV is dangerous but doesn’t expect it will kill millions of people because of the measures that companies are taking and those that governments have or will take soon.
  • China is not the only supply chain disruption problem. But there is another aspect of this particular economic problem: demand is shrinking as well.
  • Consumers are staying home and buying less, schools are beginning to close including Stanford University and Columbia Law These are creating childcare problems that working parents will need to deal with. People are traveling less and will soon eat out less and shop less and so on. For other stock news like Nasdaq gh, you can check at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-gh .


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