Why meta descriptions are most useful in SEO?

Are you trying to rank your website on the first page of Google? If yes, then this information might be very useful for you. Everyday millions of content pieces are released and all of them have almost same goals. All of them are trying to attract traffic and rank number one on Google search. It is not that easy but the good thing is that it is not that hard as well. You can rank yourself easily if you have a good CTR (click through ratio) and people like your content.

How to increase your CTR?

It is a struggle for most of the people. When a person makes a search, he is flooded with lots of options by Google SERP (search engine results page). It is quite obvious that he would go with the one that he feels is going to solve his query. That’s where meta tags and descriptions come into picture.

What are meta tags and descriptions?

Whenever you perform a search on Google, you can see a lot of options in the SERP. There is a title followed by a URL with a brief description below it. All of these are called meta tags. If a person search for a particular thing and he can find that keyword in all three of the meta tags, he is most likely to click on that link. On the other hand, if all three have something different other than the keyword that was searched, the person is most likely to not click on that link.

Optimize meta tags

You can optimize meta tags and insert the keyword in the title, URL and the description. Also try to put the keyword as the first word in title and description. If you want to learn more or need any help you can contact a digital agency. Suppose you are in Bangkok, just search for digital agency bangkok. You can then take their help to optimize your meta tags.

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