What role does Ethernet play in an industry?

An industry without ethernet is[ethernetคือ, which is the term in Thai] just like a painting without colors. Ethernet has played a significant role in different sectors of industry since its existence. Ethernet was initially used to transmit data on a small area of the network. But due to its vast benefits, they have been introduced in the industry as well. The primary function of Ethernet it not only to send data but to receive data as well. A well and upgraded Ethernet system will help you to save time. Ethernet can connect several networks in one single time, which helps you with additional security. Due to the advancement in technology industries which do not adapt with changes may get behind. It is essential to install industrial Ethernet which increases your efficiency and product quality as well.

What are the other alternatives to Ethernet?

To date, Ethernet is the best option. However several other technologies have come into being. Alternate technologies include the token ring which is introduced by IBM and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). ATM basically works on long distances; they send data over Wide Area Networks (WAN). On the other hand for data transmission on small area powerline adapters are been widely used. They send data through the electrical wiring of the home. Power line adapters can be easily hacked so it is essential to keep it secure. MOCA adapters are also used which sends data over COAX cables. They can send data just at the same speed as power line adapters. MOCA adapters help to increase the Wi-Fi signals as well.

What is the limitation of Ethernet cables?

There are several limitations to Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables can send data to a particular distance only depending upon the length of wire. Troubleshooting the cables is difficult because you do not which wire is creating the problem. Also, different natural factors can damage Ethernet cables as well such as lightning. There are several limitations to Ethernet cables, but we cannot neglect the benefits as well.

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