What is a Colocation Service Center?

Colocation is the positioning of enterprise-owned calculate, storage space, as well as networking possessions in a third-party leased facility. Colocation services [พื้นที่เช่า colocation, which is the term in Thai] supply continuity, scalability, as well as safety for data, applications, as well as systems and commonly supply accessibility to one of the most sophisticated technology of data center, while taking off the need for building, personnel as well as take care of internal web server spaces or information centers, providing clients the ability to focus on their business.

What Are the Solutions Used by a Data Center Colocation Center?

Commonly, the data center of colocation install services [วาง colo, which is the term in Thai] supplies the cooling, framework, power, physical protection, bandwidth, etc. while the customers offer both storage space and servers. Besides this, room at a center is either rented by the area, rack, cage, or closet. Lots of colocation information facilities today are increasing their portfolio to expand taken care of services that back their client’s service campaigns.

Kinds of Colocation Facilities

An information colocation facility center is generally identified as one of two kinds: wholesale or retail. A third type is becoming common recently, hybrid cloud-based colocation centers.

  • Retail Colocation

A customer leases room within an information facility, generally a shelf, room within a shelf, or a caged off area.

  • Wholesale Colocation

A tenant leases a fully built information facility space, typically at a more affordable price than retail vendors, however, with reduced area and power requirements.

  • Hybrid Cloud-Based Colocation

Hybrid cloud-based colocation is a mix of outsourced and inhouse and data facility services.

Leading Benefits of Relocating your Information Facility to a Colocation

The decision might not constantly be clear when it involves a build or relocate selection. Here are a few considerations that you might want to transfer to a colocation center.

  • A predictable, as well as functional expenditure version.
  • Versatility, as well as scalability that enables added ability, such as power, area, and bandwidth, to be induced rapidly, cheaply.
  • Much better accessibility to power, space, and capacity.
  • Gain experienced specialists devoted to information facility monitoring managing your infrastructure.
  • A community of partners in the same facility.
  • A lean framework to manage throughout times of quick service change.
  • Resiliency, as well as uptime obtained with best-in-class tools providing a better guidebook for disaster healing.
  • The up-to-date facility framework reacts to cooling down, power, as well as environmental adjustments.

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