The common practice is for an artist to be confident about their projects when approached for it. The biggest and most bewildering challenges faced today by face painters are brought about by other artists. It is more restful and serene to have bare walls because every business or company out there is careful about doing something different. There are classical art forms such as ballet and miming that focus majorly on how well the performers make up is done or how uniquely their faces are painted. Painting a face black and white is an attempt by the artist to portray a very strong message or opinion. The traditional norms of what beautiful is hard to shatter and hence black and white face paint can be a very bold step to take. But the times are changing and there is more and more demand for something new and out of the box.

The cultural aspects of face painting, incorporating it into today’s trends

Tribal or cultural face painting is used as a motive. The purpose can be hunting, religious or military. Several tribes use black and white painted faces to convey terror or as a form of camouflage. Decorating a face with paints is various patterns and shades has been a part of a culture mark up in many societies. These traditional practices are now being picked up by many companies and industries. In India and many Asian countries, there are various forms of dances that use the art of black and white face painting[lukisan wajah hitam putih, which is the term in Indonesian].

Finding a competent face painter online in Indonesia.

A very strong performance or gig requires an equally profound message that can be easily conveyed by the art of face painting. An experienced face painter is crucial to the artist and to the act itself because of various reasons. Fastowork is one such freelance company located in Indonesia that provides work opportunities for face painters and easy options to those keen on hiring such services. They have a functional website that makes navigation easier so make sure to look them up online.

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