The StorEver Ultrium 15000 Drive: A Worthy Storage Drive

Once more, the HPE LTO Ultrium 15000 Tape Drive was almost $4500 at launch, abides by the specifications of the LTO-7 style, which suggests it can save 6TB of raw data on an LTO-7 tape cartridge. That’s enough to archive a several-day job contended 4K resolution with an information rate in the area of 450mb/s. The very same can’t be stated for the older LTO-6 style from 2013, which only shops 2.5 TB per cartridge.

Those LTO-7 tapes you feed the Ultrium 15000 can come from a variety of producers, such as HP, IBM, HP, Fuji), Sony, etc.; however, since May 2016, they all cost regarding $135 per tape. Compared to a conventional 6TB hard disk, those rates are still reasonably cheap, the lowest-priced 6TB drive I found on Amazon was $200, with many models substantially extra, but LTO tape prices traditionally go down over time. For instance, LTO-6 tapes at first cost around $140 each in 2013, but for the in 2014 or more, they have actually remained in the $27-$35 array, which is quickly half the cost of 2TB hard disk drives while delivering a whole lot more dependability.

As well as speaking of tapes, every LTO drive can write/read to its same tape generation, as well as the one prior to it, as well as it can read from tapes two generations back. That implies that LTO drives can deal with tapes that were developed a number of years earlier, without having to fret about incompatibilities with whatever the most recent tape drive generation occurs to be. The LTO 6 tapes I transformed the last three or so years are legible in my brand-new LTO 7 drive, as well as will be understandable in an LTO-8 drive too. That should cover me from 2013 till around 2022.

When it comes to the Ultrium 15000 drive itself, it’s extremely uncomplicated to utilize. There’s a power switch which boots it up in regarding five seconds, and an eject button for the tape, together with some status LEDs. It has a tiny, desk-friendly footprint, weighing about 17 pounds and determining about 12″ deep, 8.5″ broad and 3″ high. That makes it tiny enough to fit under my Apple Thunderbolt Show, so it takes no appreciable space on a desk. You can likewise acquire the drive as an internal unit that installs on a computer.

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