Social Media Workout For Entrepreneurs – Toning Up With Twitter

I have to say that 9 months back I was a big Twitter skeptic and I chat to people every day who still feel this way. Yet I’ve seen incredible things happen on Twitter, made amazing connections with people I just wouldn’t have had access to before and driven a ton of traffic to WomanzWorld.

What’s more I’ve learned about the latest trends, news and buzz as well as been exposed to hundreds of fascinating links to blogs, websites and resources that I never would have found myself.

So what exactly is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that has seen explosive growth since its launch in 2006 with over 75M users worldwide according to many statistics. In fact Twitter just reached 10 billion tweets this week.

But really it’s an incredibly powerful search engine that gives you the pulse of what’s going on in the world in real-time. There’s more women than men on Twitter too (55%), earning good money (up to $60K pa) and aged between 25-54.

Every day, millions of people use Twitter and your business has an ability to achieve viral messaging and reach an untapped audience as well as become an authority and resource people look to first.

How do I maximise Twitter for my business? First off I always look to emulate people who are using Twitter incredibly well. Since most women love shoes, what better example than Check out there Twitter page here and follow what they do.

The founder is a prolific twitterer with over 1.6M followers and also encourages his staff to tweet and integrates it into all their marketing activities. Given they were just bought by Amazon for $928 million I’d say they’re a shining example of success.

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