Law of Attraction and the Forgotten and Uncomfortable Truth

The Law Of Attraction Secret that I now will reveal, is the most forgotten reason that may hinder your success.

Actually it is not a secret, rather a forgotten part of the whole success-concept. This is presumably because it is the most uncomfortable truth concerning The Law Of Attraction and therefore it makes it so easy to deny and forget.

There are people making fortunes by selling You methods which promise fast and easy results leading to success. We all want fast and easy results, do we not? I am sorry to say that this is not always possible! For some people it is, you can read those success stories in the sales letters, but for most people – NO! I am sorry!

It is, however, possible and desirable for You as well, to reach your goals and to become successful. You only need pay attention to, that it is a process and a journey which will take time, practice and knowledge. You need patience and persistence if You belong to the majority of people.

With this in mind, You will succeed and eventually become the ruler of Your own life. Only very few persons are able to master success fast and easy. This is not said with any negativity, but I tell You this as a honest coach and mentor.

So, what is this forgotten Law Of Attraction Secret?

It is the tiresome and uncomfortable truth about Karma and Your Holy Contract! Your Life Lesson! Your own Life’s University! The school you created for Yourself before you were born, in order to learn!

If you neglect your own Holy Contract and your Life Lesson, it does not matter what you do – You will not succeed. Your Karma and your Holy Contract is embedded deep inside your subconscious mind, and it is your subconscious mind that is the attracting factor. This is a hard and uncompromising truth. On the other hand, as soon as you have learned your lesson, things will change and you will become released.

Do not give up! Practice on a daily basis and you will step by step be able to Be, Do and Have anything you want and there will be no more Law Of Attraction Secret to reveal.

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