How To Put A Plug Easily And Safely

How to put a power plug for PC (เต้ารับ ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) is something that anyone has ever asked and is among the most repeated queries by the ‘handyman’ of the home. The truth is that it is not a complex operation, which requires a lot of knowledge or long experience. An excellent way to achieve this is to follow the instructions we offer below.

The Three Parts Of The Plug

The first thing we can look at when we have the new plug in our hands is that it can be seen that it consists of three parts: the loose mechanism, the cover, and the bezel. The first thing we have to know is to take the first one, the mechanism, and turn it to connect the three cables of the plug to the back of the device.

As in the case of the original model, it is necessary to place two cables at the top and one at the bottom as follows:

  • The black, gray, or brown (phase) wire, which is the one that connects to the electric current will be inserted into the hole marked with the letter ‘L’ line.
  • The blue (neutral) wire will be placed in the place where you can see a letter ‘N’ neutral.
  • Finally, the green and yellow wire (ground) will be inserted into the hole marked with a symbol like the one shown below.

It is always advisable to have this added security measure, although there are still old homes in which it has not been installed.

Procedure Of Placing The Cables In The New Plug

Knowing how to put a plug as in a Power strip “DATA” (เต้ารับ เต้าเสียบ, which is the term in Thai), consist of inserting any of these cables into the new device. To do this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Tighten the lever firmly, but without excessive force.
  • Insert the cable into the remaining hole.
  • Release the lever carefully.
  • Check that the cable has been securely held in place.

When the cable is embedded inside a mechanism, it is important to remember that what we are embedding is not the cable itself, but the copper wire that is inserted inside the plastic cover.

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