Free Marriage Counseling – Handling Your Finances Can Save Your Marriage

One of the main reasons marriages don’t last is finances. Money is one of the most important issues in a marriage. I heard someone once say that on your honeymoons first night you should talk about two things, one is the finances and the other is your mother and father in-law. This reason is that you must remember you will be working as a couple and not an individual for the rest of your life.

How saving money and spending wisely can help your marriage: Marriage has many things associated with it, kids, the house, the car, your job, all these factors are controlled by one other factor, money. Husbands, Wives, Kids, any one of these can have a spending habit and it affects the marriage. If a couple saves just a little bit of money each and every month, the future is a lot brighter than one for a couple that doesn’t. As the years go by, a couple will look back and reflect on the past. Accomplishments in life go a long way in a marriage.

I had a friend whose in-laws had lived a good life and were happily retired. They planned all of their activities in life carefully. This eventually gave them the ability to buy a nice house, and is now able to live comfortably on their retirement checks each month. Being as they were hard workers and had very good jobs, they made a deal with their kids that if they would send money to be put up for the future, and then they would match the amount sent. The father taught his children a good lesson, that a penny earned is not a penny saved, but a penny saved is a penny earned.

Husband and wife have the final say in what they will try and put back each month, it must be a joint effort. With good determination and budgeting skills, a carefully planned budget can help any marriage succeed.

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