Creating Inspirational Brand Visions

Brand vision has evolved from brand positioning. Where positioning is defined as the specific niche in which a product sees itself as occupying in the competitive environment and by differentiating its superiority to competitors, the brand vision is what the company ideally wants to reflect outwardly.

Brand Vision

One key way to achieve the vision is to provide innovative solutions to market needs. Traditionally brand vision was driven by team workshops with each person contributing to the combined vision of the company. Although this route might be ideal for team building exercises, it often resulted in mixed messages and confusion with regard to the brand positioning and mission. It is critical to any brand that its employees reflect the vision accurately and consistently. They are representatives or extensions of the brand after all.

David Taylor, author of “Brand Gym” and “How to Energize Your Team to Drive Business Growth” believes that brand manifestos are a better way to work on the vision for your brand, allowing you more freedom to express yourself, and what you really want to “fight for”. Through this process you will discover your guiding principles, beliefs and the issues you want to take a stand on.

Inspirational Brand Vision

Every brand is different. It takes a lot of understanding to get their message across. By using creative brand communication strategies it is easy to gain the attention of your consumer. David Taylor’s approach is straightforward and no-nonsense to ensure that you end up with an inspiring vision and a hands-on action plan to drive growth.

The key to creating a brand manifesto is to engage not just your head, but also your heart and gut feeling.

Creative tips to assist the creation of a brand manifesto, include:

If you were on a protest march in the street to fight against something, what would you write on your banner? And if you were to flip this into a positive and fight for something, what would you write?
What is the bigger role your brand can play in everyday life? What sort of “legacy” would you like to leave behind after 5 years on the brand.

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