Become an Entrepreneur by Being Passionate and Fulfilling a Need – I Did it With Shea Butter

I have worked for corporate America for over 20 years. Like many people, I dream of having my own business, making my own money and controlling my own life. Working for someone else does not always allow you the freedom to live the fabulous life that we all dream of.

For years I have thought of ideas that I could use to maybe start a business, but my ideas were more about inventing something and it takes money to bring an invention to life and well, I did not have that kind of money. I only have a few hundred and so what kind of business could I really start?

I would often ask other successful business owners how did they go about starting their business and many of them have told me that they found something that they were passionate about or they found a need for something that they could actually fill.

Well, it was good information but at the time it meant nothing to me. I was unable to make money from anything I was passionate about. However, one day things started to take a turn for me and I did not really see it at first. I love natural products of all kinds and I was researching for products used on natural hair for myself and for eczema for my daughter. I came across Shea Butter. I learned how it was used on the skin and hair and how it was an excellent natural moisturizer.

So, I purchased some Shea Butter from the local beauty supply store and it was ok. I found the texture to be a little hard to deal with and so I did a little more research and found that Shea Butter was sold on-line in a whipped form. The whipped Shea Butter had a better scent and it was softer and easier to apply, but it came at a high price. The going cost for 2 ounces of Whipped Shea Butter on-line was about fifteen to twenty dollars and it was not sold in any store in my area. I just could not afford it and if I could afford it, 2 ounces would not do much for me and my family.

This led me to more research on how to whip Shea Butter for myself. After months of researching and whipping my own Shea Butter it became a hobby for my. Eventually, I would make it for my family and friends and they would want more and would tell me how well if worked for them.

Eventually, I really enjoyed whipping up my Shea Butter trying different ingredients and natural scents and I became very passionate about it. During this time I was always on the internet trying to make money on-line by promoting other peoples ideas and products and then one day it just hit me. I love my Whipped Shea Butter and so does my family & friends so why not promote my own product.

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