6 Tasks Any Entrepreneur Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Everybody talks about outsourcing nowadays. They say it saves you time and money. Really, is that true? Let’s see:

Virtual Assistants only charge for actual time worked
Virtual Assistants use their own equipment
You don’t need to pay employment insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, or contribute to retirement plans and worker’s compensation
There is no down time or training expense for specialized skills, since Virtual Assistants are already qualified
You pay no agency fees. Temp agencies usually charge an agency fee to work with them
You can benefit from time zone advantages, your Virtual Assistant works while you sleep
Hmmm, that’s quite an impressive list of benefits. But what kind of tasks could I delegate to my Virtual Assistant?

Let me give you some examples:

A VA can post your company videos on Youtube YouTube and video branding becomes more and more important. Did you know that YouTube reaches 1 Billion views per day? You will have to agree that it would make sense that your company’s videos get posted and marketed on Youtube. A VA can set up an account for you, post the videos, send out links on Facebook and Twitter or embed them on your website.
Add a press page to the company website Every website should have a press page. A Virtual Assistant can create a press page, and add links to articles in which your company appears on a regular basis.
Help you distribute your press release and articles on various directories It’s very important to write regular articles and press releases. But it’s even more important to distribute them online so people actually read them. A VA can help you distribute them to various directories online.
Translate your website Are you working with many clients who speak another language? Or are you based in a bilingual country? Some VAs are multilingual and can translate your website for you. They are usually not certified translators, but can offer the same quality for a smaller price.
Organize venue arrangements: seating, meals, beverages, flowers etc Next time you have to organize a big event, why don’t you hire a VA instead of trying to prepare your speeches and organize everything at the same time? A VA can get in touch with the venue provider and arrange seating, meals, beverages, podcasting etc.
Setup an online backup system for your computer Honestly, when was the last time you backed up the data on your computer? A Virtual Assistant can arrange an online backup system so that you’ll never have a nightmare about losing all your files again!

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